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Green building calls for close collaboration or even integration of multiple industries and technologies relating to green industry, as well as requires an all-round consideration of all dimensions of life cycle of the industry so as to build close correlation among different sections of the industrial chain.
In that regard, we have proposed the strategy focusing on “the integration of recourses”. The strategy aims to achieve holistic optimization via attaining optimum allocation of various resources. With many years of communication and cooperation on aspects of technological development and marketing, we have established solid cooperation with a great number of well-known universities, research institutes, organizations, providers of systems and product suppliers both at home and abroad, and have built a multi-level cooperation team.

July 18. 2001
In the Headquarter of Beijing Tianhong Group, Beijing Tianhong Group, Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Architectural Design Co. ,Ltd, School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, Beijing Tsinghua Andi Architectural Design & Consulting Co,. Ltd. and the School of Architecture and Planning of Massachusetts Institute of Technology entered into a cooperation agreement on the Huilongguan C06 Green Ecological Residential Community Project which marks the initiation of study on the green ecological residential community.

August 1, 2005
Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Architectural Design Co. ,Ltd decided to launch the Yuanfang R&D Foundation, and the Yuanfang R&D Team was founded at the same time. In a period of over four years, the team has carried out more than 20 green building programs and research projects.

July 1; 2009
With eight years of preparation efforts, Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Green Building Science and Technology R&D Center Co., Ltd was officially founded, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Architectural Design Co. ,Ltd, with core business of green building consultation and design optimization.

Februry, 2010
pk10手机投注app Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Architectural Design Co. ,Ltd, was honored as high and new tech enterprise.


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